?All in the Family? may have been the name of popular TV show from way back in the 1970s, but the phrase conveys an important truth for the church?the family of God?today. It really is about each member of the family fulfilling his or her unique and important contribution the larger family as a whole. It?s the ?seasoned citizens,? the teenagers, the middle agers, the single adults, the new members, and the ?old timers? all realizing their interdependence on each other. That?s what makes family?family. The younger rely on the wisdom of the older. The older rely on the energy and strength of the younger. The longtime members extend the glad welcome to the new additions, and those new additions in turn bring a renewed sense of joy and purpose to the family as a whole.

September 27, following worship we have a great opportunity to celebrity ?all in the family? of Calvary Baptist Church. We hope you will make plans to be part of our new member fellowship meal following Sunday worship. It will be a fun time to introduce and get to know better those who have joined our church during this past year. Some who were ?born into the family? as they were baptized upon being born again into the family of God. Others who were already extended family members from other churches, but who have now come to join our local family. Likewise those new to the church will have the opportunity to get better acquainted with ?all in the family? that call Calvary Baptist Church home. In addition to the good food, and good company, you will enjoy the ?getting better acquainted? activities we have planned. It should be lots of fun. See you there.