Have you visited the church website lately? With the help of some of our newest church members, Gene and Joanna Rustman, we are making great strides forward. We have a new contemporary look with more features being added each week.

Perhaps most exciting of all is our live video web-streaming of Sunday worship and a growing archive of video recordings of past services. Not only is this a great tool for church members unable to attend the church service in person, but this website has potential to be a powerful outreach tool.

Increasingly people searching for a church home begin their search on the internet. The link to our Facebook from our website (and from Facebook to our site) also plays an important role. As a church member you have a tremendous asset to share with those people you want to personally invite to church by encouraging them to first visit our website (you sharing church post by clicking the ?Share? button will share that page with everyone on your Facebook).

What?s more, you may have friends or relatives that live far from Independence, but you would like them to hear a particular message or worship service that you believe would speak to their situation. Now they can. Consider all the many ways you might use this new tool to touch lives for Christ.


Pastor Scott Beeman