Free Wi-Fi to Members



Calvary Baptist Church – Independence is now proud to announce Wi-Fi is available all over our church campus.

Due to the way our world is today the Wi-Fi will always be password protected as there are things we do not want downloaded or viewed on our Wi-Fi. The password to each of the church hotspots will be changed from time to time. Chuck Wheeler (Ministerial Director) will remind you of this change a week before it happens and the week of the change and to the fact that the new password is in your Bulletin. Please type it into your mobile device exactly as printed in the Bulletin (Capitalized letters capitalized and lowercase letters lowercase). If for some reason you missed the password please ask the Pastor, Chuck Wheeler, a Deacon, a member of the Sound/media booth at the church, or Gene Rustman as they would be glad to help you. If you don’t understand how to type/save the password to your media device please see Joanna Rustman first and if Gene isn’t busy with video production he would be glad to show you.

Here are the Hotspots you will look for depending where you are located on campus (You want the one closest to you be it the floor level your on or the building our in or nearest to);

In the main church building:

In the Worship Center look for “Calvary Sound Booth.”

In the Basement “Fellowship Hall”/Office Area/Kitchen Area look for “Calvary Offices.”

In the “Education Building”:

Look for “Calvary EDU” on top two floors.

Our Youth Group has their own Hotspot also. They will look for “Underground Church.”

All passwords will be the same and if you save them you wont have to change till the password changes.



*** NOTE***

Periodic checks will be made to the internet system to ensure content not approved by the church counsel and/or deacons is not viewed on church Wi-Fi and user IP addresses will be blocked from the church Wi-Fi if these things are viewed.