The quote from the late Mother Theresa of Calcutta India reveals a keen insight into the way that our God works to reveal His great love to our world. Jesus said that if we so much as give a cup of cold water in His name there is great reward. It?s the simple acts of love done in the name of Jesus Christ that ultimately have the greatest impact on the Kingdom of God. Whether it?s the efforts of our church to reach out with school supplies for low income families, or it?s your own personal efforts to reach out to a neighbor in need. It?s so true: People don?t care what we know, until they know that we care.

Lately in my prayer time I have been asking God to simply allow me to see the people around me with His eyes and to listen for His voice. This simple, dangerous prayer, has opened a whole world of opportunities to do ?small things with great love? for others?. Some whom I know well, and others who are complete strangers. Like the teenage girl I saw in a McDonald’s sitting nervously waiting to apply for her very first job. She looked terrified except for the occasional big smile she would break into when she saw someone she knew across the restaurant. It took 30 seconds to stop by her table and tell her what a wonderful smile she has, and to share that smile with the interviewer and she will do just great. She shared one of those smiles with me along with a ?thank you so much? and I was on my way. I expect to see her at work next time I stop by, and who knows maybe it will open a door to share a verbal witness for Christ.

So while it may be true that not many of us will ever be remembered for the ?great things we did,? God says I take notice of the small things done in my name, with great love.? These are the acts that are celebrated in heaven.