Taken right from the book of Proverbs is the clear assertion that ?the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom? However, in Romans chapter one we read that the human condition has always been to question God?s reveled wisdom and to set out to find wisdom by some other means and to live accordingly. Paul writes. ?Professing to be wise we become fools,? as we cast of God?s righteous standards for our own confused ideas and passions. Right now in our world this folly is on full display masquerading as a new found enlightened morality for the twenty-first century. Of course in reality it is simply the same old immorality that has been around from the time of the fall of man.

For five weeks in our new study series in Proverbs we are going to do our best to expose this folly for what it is and reclaim a correct understanding of ?the fear of the Lord? and the wisdom that comes to those who embrace it. The stakes are high, but God is gracious. The scripture says if we lack wisdom to ask God, and he will bestow it. Join us each week as we bring the wisdom of God to several key areas of life: my words; my temper; my sexuality; my money. As the culture around us continues on its rapid bent to embrace folly, it becomes clear that the time has come for God?s people to ?wise up.?


Pastor Scott Beeman